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Who we are

We are a passionate and talented team of experts who aspire for quality within research and health-oriented technologies

  • cognitive researchers
  • health researchers
  • medical professionals
  • computer scientists
  • UX/UI specialists
  • statisticians
  • business analysts
  • engineers

What we do

We optimize your health-oriented innovations, processes, and tools to deliver maximal value to its users and organization.

Effective interventions require solid scientific evidence. We make this happen.

  • empirical evaluation of intended treatment outcomes
  • content validation
  • fidelity assessments

Effective solutions need to understand users. We make this happen.

  • human factors assessments
  • user-centered design and ethnographic research
  • UX/UI optimization
  • market research
  • needs assessments

Solutions and tools require actionable data to evolve. We make this happen.

  • process improvement
  • task automation
  • business intelligence
  • technological performance audits
  • security risk assessment

Get in touch with us

N.B. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, we serve our clients primarily in North America.